Important Election Day Announcement

City Hall announced today that voting poll staff shortages will consolidate some of the city’s voting polls on Election Day, April 7.

This will NOT change the poll location for all 2nd District voters. All of you will go to the Kenosha Public Museum as usual.

Safety protocols will be in place and it is recommended that voters arrive late morning and early afternoon to avoid large crowds. Click download below for full information.

March 28 Kenosha County COVID-19 Update

There are now 26 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kenosha County with 3 of those individuals being hospitalized. This information was released Saturday afternoon, March 28 by Kenosha County’s Health Officer/Director Jen Freiheit, PhD.

For more information and instruction, click on today’s news release.

Request an Absentee Ballot Now

All of you have until April 2 to request an absentee ballot through

It took me just a few minutes to do so last week. Just be sure you are able to attach a scan or photo of your Wisconsin drivers license. Voting absentee is the surest method to stay safe from spreading or contracting the COVID-19 virus that has disrupted our daily lives.

COVID-19 + Social Distancing = No Door to Door Campaigning

There really is no other choice.

The public’s health in the face of an unprecedented pandemic is too valuable to risk.

I’m thankful for meeting so many of my fellow constituents of the 2nd District, but that effort must now move online and to the phone lines.

While we all adapt our personal and work lives to minimize the impact of COVID-19, I will use this platform to share up to date information concerning Kenosha’s response to ensuring public health.

Monday marks the start of many significant closures in the community, and here they are:

KUSD – March 16 through April 6

Kenosha Museums – March 16 through April 3

Kenosha Public Libraries – March 16 through April 6

YMCA – March 16 through March 29

Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha – March 16 through April 5

To stay current on Kenosha County’s response and to seek more information, I recommend this link.

Stay tuned and take care.

Call me if you’d like at 657-3434.

The lights are on at Downtown’R Saloon

A house full of invited guests sampled the latest offerings of Kenosha’s newest eatery during a soft opening Thursday night at 707 56th St.

Host Terry Nelson has met his goal of having the Downtown’R Saloon ready for its official opening on St. Patrick’s Day. The smell of smoked meats which anchors a southwest menu permeated the air of happy well wishers.

The Mayor’s Office issues an important press release – Please Read

I had hopes of sharing the response to Thursday night’s informational meeting regarding the city’s new garbage collection system at the Kenosha Public Museum, but it and all other meetings have been postponed due to public health concerns.