It’s Election Day and the Polls are OPEN

After a chaotic news cycle in Madison yesterday , the decision has been made that in-person voting will take place today until 8 p.m.

Public safety protocols will be in place, so please don’t forget to cast your vote today.

Polling places have been reduced to 10 locations, but the 2nd District Public Museum site remains unchanged. If you have questions about other polling places, this link will help you.

All absentee ballots must be dropped off today in the white boxes at city hall, OR your absentee ballot must be postmarked at the post office with today’s date, April 7.

Election results will be announced on April 13.

“Our Kids, Our Future”

The final set of 100 portraits by local photographer Kevin Poirier reflecting Kenosha’s racial diversity on the faces of Frank and Southport elementary school students was pasted up Thursday on a spacious lot in the downtown district.

Kenosha Creative Space’s Francisco Loyola and Steve Hawkins worked for two days hanging the 24″ x 36″ prints provided by the University of Wisconsin – Parkside on the side of a building at 5811 6th Ave.

Poirier was struck by the kids’ lack of awareness or concern about their racial identity. They just saw themselves as kids. Loyola says he truly believes these kids are Kenosha’s future and wondered which one will be our next Mayor.

Photographer Kevin Poirier looks on as Steve Hawkins (left) and Francisco Loyola hang his portraits Thursday afternoon.

Our future is even harder to predict these days, which makes looking at these portraits a joy.

Check them out.

Important Election Day Announcement

City Hall announced today that voting poll staff shortages will consolidate some of the city’s voting polls on Election Day, April 7.

This will NOT change the poll location for all 2nd District voters. All of you will go to the Kenosha Public Museum as usual.

Safety protocols will be in place and it is recommended that voters arrive late morning and early afternoon to avoid large crowds. Click download below for full information.

March 28 Kenosha County COVID-19 Update

There are now 26 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kenosha County with 3 of those individuals being hospitalized. This information was released Saturday afternoon, March 28 by Kenosha County’s Health Officer/Director Jen Freiheit, PhD.

For more information and instruction, click on today’s news release.

Request an Absentee Ballot Now

All of you have until April 2 to request an absentee ballot through

It took me just a few minutes to do so last week. Just be sure you are able to attach a scan or photo of your Wisconsin drivers license. Voting absentee is the surest method to stay safe from spreading or contracting the COVID-19 virus that has disrupted our daily lives.