Bill Siel for 2nd District Alderman

Committed to serving constituents in all neighborhoods of Kenosha 2nd District – Downtown, Frank and Harborside neighborhoods

About Me

I’ve lived in Kenosha’s Second District with my wife Susy since 1983, when a job on the photo staff at the Kenosha News drew me away from our home state, Michigan.

I’ve met at least half of the citizens during a 36-year tenure at the Kenosha News which ended one year ago. And suddenly, a fair measure of my time became yours when I was selected by City Council to fill the Second District seat after it was unexpectedly vacated last March.

Why Kenosha

Kenosha is my Home

My wife Susy and I worked our careers here. While I documented the daily events of Kenosha, she educated a couple of generations through the Kenosha Unified School District. We raised our two children here and through their growth, our social net spread wider. Lake Michigan is a humbling and powerful influence every day. The city, my friends and neighbors continue to inspire me. 

Why I Am Running

Being Alderman is an evolving job with many lessons learned in the course of  serving constituents. I’m just warming up to the possibilities of helping Kenosha chart its future. I believe collaboration is the key to getting things done properly. There is an energetic mix of people in the Second District and I want to be engaged with them.

The engagement with constituents, council, city hall staff and the downtown business community has been an experience like none other. I’d like to continue this ongoing dialog for the next two years. I’ve learned much and want to learn more to better serve the most dynamic district in the city.

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Get In Touch

Bill Siel
953 5th Avenue
Kenosha, WI 53140
Phone: 1(262) 657-3434
Email: billsiel59@gmail.com

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